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Les zombis attaquent à midi [entries|friends|calendar]
Mika - le meilleur

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[05 Feb 2004|09:53am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

peace out,
don't have time for this shit.

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oh before I forget [02 Feb 2004|07:40pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

My new screen name is :


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zomble survive [02 Feb 2004|07:24pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Just came back from dropping her highness off at the airoport, finally.
Hope she gets in alright. Missing her already, and don't forget to send back those pictures!
Today we walked down to Juniors, and ate really good pizza from Mario's on Dekalb.
Not to mention that little miss Krysti's cell phone is potty trained, haha.
well thats all for now.
And Jesse :

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the brown snow is melting! [01 Feb 2004|12:21pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Yesterday was funtastic, Krysti bought a snowball for a dollar from a homeless person. And we spun the block at union square! um lets see...
then we went to an awesume Japanese restuarant, where you get to cook your own food at your table over a little grill.
Then later on at night went to a party via my sister, danced all night, People there were soo cool, and drank some.
Today is China town.
And I just wana say, selfishness is a cruel and unusual punishment.
No sign of zombies yet Dan, but my guard is always up, no worries!
will post if there is any sign of infection.
miss all the cool people in Boca.
Jesse, diane, Dan, Robbie, Mayra, Elsa, And so on..

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WHat.. [29 Jan 2004|12:38pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

Jade you are the very bestest sister -who lives in New York- around.
This is very rightous.
-> http://www.lanceandeskimo.com/flash/quest.html

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Grace me with your car. [29 Jan 2004|12:31pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Hey Grace, I just wana tell you..
That you are a life saver!!
Thank you soooo much for letting me borrow your, awesume car!
Grace Grace Grace Grace Grace.....
Miss you.

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happy fun Pine Palace time #1 [29 Jan 2004|10:17am]
[ mood | crushed ]

Sorry, I couldn't go to dinner with you guys (Krysti and Dan) last night.
But had to help my mother, yuck.
I would have loved to go to the Pine Hut or Pine Palace?
Anyways the thought was all that matters, mmmk?
And Krysti, think warm thoughts Friday is upon us!

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cupcakes RULE! [28 Jan 2004|07:22pm]
[ mood | amused ]

For the umm.. cake/cupcake?
It was super thoughtful
(actually the most thoughtfullness thingy ever), yes I will miss you, and no you cannot come.
I am sure I'll be down for the summer like I said, and we can go surfing... maybe even plan a road trip!
Oh and tell your roommate, I am sorry for hurting his guitar..
He knows it was an accident!!

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If I only had a potatoe. [28 Jan 2004|02:08pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

Last night took oranges for Krysti-wisty, and some other stuff, in exchange for a very nice wok.
Hung out by Barnes and Nobles where Krysti almost made me pee my pants in the elevator.
Cause she was moaning? or humming? I dunno.
Got some hot water with lemon, stayed there with Dan and her till closing, then Dan showed us the X on his car. Some "A" hole keyed his car... poor Dan poor poor Dan....
And I got beaten up on by miss crooked foot, again!
Since she decided to bail with the boyfriend, instead of hang out and play video games by JESSE.
So I told her to "F" off, and she came a "running".
But alas I was too quick and jumped in Dans jeep, closing the door just in time!
But she retaliated and got in through the driver's door, where she pulled at my hair and tickled me. We will see who gets the last laugh!
When she goes to say her final goodbyes in NY, I will do a hit and run... "HA HAH HA HAA"
Video games were played with Dan and Jesse, And JESSE Gave me his
FFX-2 Limited Edition Strategy Guide!!!!
I just want to tell you JESSE " Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you, hump."
And Dan as always thanks for the ride, and fun time.. "HUMP, hump."
And Blake "I need my Pirates dvd... :)"

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Techno lights flashing. [27 Jan 2004|07:06pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Crashed by Krysti's again, got up at 9.... walked around... watched TV.. blah blah, cause she was still sleeping.
Then we went to Will Chamberlands? some restaurant, where all the waiters looked like they were ready to drop trousers and strip..
Which we (well Krysti) were totally digg'n.
Then Blake-wakey had to go to work.
Oh, do you know that if you brush your teeth with an electro toothbrush while watching a computer screen... the screen gets all distorted. Ha didn't think so.

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Who's the man?! [26 Jan 2004|11:14pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I am currently helping Krysti to beautify her hair.
She wants to dye it red, with red-er funky highlights.. but due to bad lighting and uncooperative hair we just did the whole thing red-er funky hair colour.
Her house apparantly doesn't like when we colour cause it tends to end up on EVERYTHING.
So to wash out most of it we used the "Garden bathroom", located in the back of her house.
And I am happy to say we were eubber-successful in keeping her house stain free!!
There is not much I say about the shower and the yard, ha HA (red grass).
And finally to top off this post, I must add more than ever... that I am the bestest friend a friend could have.
:P and her face is pink.

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What a dangerous life I live. [26 Jan 2004|07:14pm]
[ mood | determined ]

Woke up at 9 today, skateboarded to Krysti's house cause she said she "might" go to the beach with me.
And on my way there fell off my skateboard, which then rolled into the street.
not to mention the ongoing traffic that came screeching to a halt, and me running blindly after that damn board.
I picked it up and walked away casually, the drivers all gave me bad looks.. what can you do right? SORRY.
When I reached, she was still asleep.. still dead asleep.
So I left went to the library, and got my c.d back from Myara and Elsa.
Just want to say hope you like your new job Myara!!

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It is all she ever had, they took her to a movie.. [26 Jan 2004|02:50am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Went to see the movie The Butterfly Effect, it amazingly-suprisingly... was wonderful.
Thanks to Dan - our chauffeur
(just joking, much love yo to the one with the car)
and Krysti for coming.
I would recommend it surely, and its rating would go right along with Prince Of Persia.
Which I happen to rule.
Afterwards I got beat'n badly from a crooked foot which belonged to Krysti!
And in an effert to escape went running into the street screamming "F*CK YOU", with fingers blazing in the air.
This seemed to aggravate her, as she came running after me.
And as I fell to the ground took advantage of my disposition, by bruising me on the buttocks with her iron fists.
What defense could I have had? as she had me crippled with laughing cramps from her hair which was righteously peacock like. Not to mention her wounded running...

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Boom! [25 Jan 2004|03:00pm]
[ mood | confused ]

who's who!? HUH!?

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Like a .... [24 Jan 2004|03:46am]
[ mood | awake ]

My first post!
Krysti has passed out, all her energy was exerted into this page.
As it is I am suffering from insomnia, so what else can be done but to finish making Krysti's little origami stars, heh.
What? huh? gigga who? (Jesse).

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AWESOME! [24 Jan 2004|02:05am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Totally hooked Mika up with a LJ, she better use it. New York is taking my poor little Miker's all away from me..

:) - virtue

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